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" You'll stay to supper/' Mr. Munn invited, then urgingly,
"sure, you'll stay. I'll tell them to put plates on. May"—
he paused, then gathered himself and continued quickly—
" she's not here right now, but you'll stay."

The two men looked at each other, then back at Mr.
Munn. " Fine/* Mr. Christian said, and Doctor MacDonald
grinned and nodded.

"Finished your cutting?" Mr. Christian asked, as they
walked toward the house.

Mr. Munn said that he had finished, or just about

"I've finished and started firing/* Mr. Christian said, "and
it looks pretty good, for the most part. By God, I'm just
gonna set back for a spell now. That's a fact. Pm gonna
do me some hunting this fall if it's the last thing I do. I
durned near missed out last fall But this fall I ain't. I seen
a passel of birds over on my place, a passel of Jem. You,
Perse, you'll have to come over and hunt some with me.
We ain't done any hunting in a long time. And I got me a
couple as good coon dogs as you ever laid eyes on. You just
come on over and fix to stay a while-----"

"That's fine/' Mr. Munn said, and Mr. Christian laid his
heavy hand on his shoulder.

They sat around the table in the shadowy dining-room
and ate the steaming food. They ate fried ham and chicken
and mashed potatoes and late snaps and squash, and hot
bread, and then pie and coffee. Mr. Christian leaned over
his food and his bald head gleamed subduedly in the lamp-
light. His big jaws worked smoothly and powerfully. He
said, " Now, Perse, Pm a man as shore-God like good vittles."

After they had finished eating they sat around the table
and talked and smoked. "Well," Doctor MacDonald re-
marked after a little lull in the conversation, his tone con-
trolled and easy, "I saw by the paper this morning they
found that fellow Trevelyan."

Mr. Munn made a sharp intake of breath. "Yes?" he

"Yes," Doctor MacDonald answered, and paused to inspect